Wabi Sabi food-by James Waltman-13


Wabi-Sabi is owned and run by DJ Payne.  DJ came to the Tri-Cities in 2005 and purchased the then failing Wabi-Sabi in 2007.  He knew the moment he walked in the doors of the seemingly out-of-place sushi restaurant that it had a magical potential that he wanted to bring to fruition.  9 years later, Wabi-Sabi is THE face of the revitalization of Petersburg.  On any given night, you can find folks from Richmond sipping in the martini bar, locals heating it up in the downstairs tavern, and people just passing through enjoying a quiet, thoughtful dinner in the main dining room.  We don't care who you are or where you're from.  When you come to Wabi-Sabi, you become a friend.


Main Dining Room

The main dining  is designed to reflect the wabi-sabi philosophy of beauty in the imperfect.   Antique hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a great view of the sushi bar make up a unique dining experience.  Seating is limited, and we recommend calling ahead for reservations, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Martini Bar

Adjacent to the main dining room is the bright and lively Martini Lounge, where our bartenders are experts at creating the perfect concoction for every taste.  Purist?  No problem!  Looking for a dessert in a glass?  Easy-peasy!  Want to be adventurous?  Our bartenders will love you!


The Tavern

Down the steep stairs, into the Wabi-Sabi basement level, you'll find the Tavern.  And most likely, you'll also find a few new friends!  It is here that you'll find your revelers, theme night costumers, and music fans.  But feel free to just take a seat at the bar, even on a quiet night.  Our bartenders and friendly staff love company and conversation.